About ISIS Consultancy

ISIS Consulting Training Ltd. Sti. Since 1995, with its SAP consultancy team, the company has set out to move medium and large companies further with effective solutions. ISIS has adopted the "Further with SAP" motto.


Today, ISIS is one of Turkey's leading SAP consulting companies and enables the integration of Turkey-specific foreign trade activities into SAP.


ISIS is aware of the importance of hard work and accurate and customer-specific work to improve the customer. Each customer has their own specific processes, and it is important to do customer-specific development.


The secret of being able to analyze the needs of the enterprises in a healthy way, to produce accurate results as a result of these analyzes and to produce turnkey projects that will be valid in the future is the principle of customer-specific operation. It is aimed to return the investment as soon as possible in every project implemented.


ISIS, SAP implementations in medium and large scale companies, making improvements in SAP that meets the specific needs of enterprises; It operates in order to meet all the requirements of its customers, especially the integration and analysis of SAP processes, integration of SAP and other systems.


The implementation of Turkey-specific foreign trade activities in SAP is provided by "Foreign Trade Solution". As a result of the analyzes carried out by ISIS, turn-key projects with one-to-one solutions that will be customized for your business ensure the return of the investment as soon as possible because they are planned to meet the future needs of the enterprises.The ISIS brand is a guarantee.


ISIS considers the companies that she provides consultancy services not only as "customers" but also as a "business partner" and adopts the principle of carrying the companies she works with to the future.




To be a pioneer company in national and international fields by increasing its expertise in the developing and changing market conditions and by developing its product and service range, adding value to the IT sector and improving the profitability of business partners.




To be an organization that optimizes business processes, is reliable,adopting the philosophy of continuous development by combining technology with our experience, learns and builds new values.

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