SAP e-Signature

Electronic Signature

What is E-Signature?
It is a data used in the digital systems of ERP systems for the authentication of the relevant user by adding to the electronic data.
It ensures that all kinds of documents that are formed in the processes of the companies are realized and accepted in accordance with both the company procedures and the Electronic Signature Law No. 5070, which is included in the approval process in the digital environment as well as the wet signature. As with wet signature, E-Signature also has binding. Provides all kinds of legal validity.

Law Number: 5070 Date of Acceptance: 15/1/2004 Published in the Newspaper: Date: 23/1/2004 Issue: 25355

Advantages of E-Signature
 It saves labor and time.
 The approval of your business processes is transferred to the digital environment.
 Integration with mobile signature can be provided.
 Prepared in accordance with Electronic Signature Law No. 5070.

Forms with E-Signature
 Permission forms
 Payment instructions
 Work orders
Form Purchase forms
Ri Work order instructions
 Commissioning
 Assignments

How does the e-signature process work?
After the document is created and the user data is entered into the screen, the E-Signature process starts flowing. After the flow is completed and all the signatures are signed, the document created is archived in its final form and can be sent to the related persons by e-mail. This document can then be easily shared via mail.


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