ISIS SAP Global Trade Solution

ISIS Foreign Trade Solution

ISIS Consultancy Foreign Trade Package is a software that enables the support and description of foreign Trade processes. We can respond to all legal variables while at the same time we design that Foreign Trade processes by making special improvements in demands for our customers with this solution we have developed.

We have manuel package for official and intermediary insitutions  and and an integration package for integration of these processes in Foreign Trade solutions we made. We have realized integration Projects with Ministy of Customs, different SAP Systems and non-SAP System within the scope foreing Trade Projects we have carried sor far. 

We optimize customs processes and manage customs processes on one screen and simplify job follow-up by with Foreign Trade package. We streamline processes without changing your habits while improving processes in compliance with legislation. We also minimize the costs incurred in the process cause we deal with customs and logistics processes completely and optimize these projects.

Import Process


  • Bonded Warehouse / Customs Inventory Tracking
  • Integrated Supply Additional Cost Monitoring
  • 2-Stage Material Requirements Planning (Clearance / Purchase)
  • Ease of use of documents in customs operations
  • Ease Of Data Transfer In Electronic Environment
  • Cash Flow Through Pre-Recorded Goods Invoices
  • Import Costs İnto The System Without Waiting
  • Advance Tracking
  • Transfer Of Exchange Rate Differences To Material Costs

Export Process


Sales Operations

Export File

Export Related Outputs

Export File Collection Tracking

Export Related Outputs

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